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"The Cat Fanciers' Association recognizes that scratching is a natural
behavior of cats and that cats may be defenseless without full use of
their claws if they, either intentionally or unintentionally, go outdoors.
Scratching damage to household furnishings can be minimized or
avoided by routine clipping of the claws, the use of claw covers and
by redirecting the cat's activity to acceptable surfaces.
CFA perceives the declawing of cats (onychectomy ) and the severing
of digital tendons (tendonectomy) to be elective surgical procedures
that are without benefit to the cat. Because of the discomfort
associated with any surgery and potential future behavioral or
physical effects, CFA disapproves of routine declawing or
tendonectomy surgery in lieu of alternative solutions to prevent
household damage. In certain situations, including high risk of injury or
disease transmission to owners with bleeding disorders or
compromised immune systems, declawing may be justified in order to
maintain the cat-human bond. "   

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